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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Approving or Declining Orders

Before an order is delivered, the order process defines as a rule that you approve or decline the order. This confirmation takes place depending on the selected approval process, for example, through members of the Service Delivery Management role or the cost center manager of the order recipient.

  1. Go to the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and click Home > Decide > Service Approvals in the navigation area.
    • If you cannot find the required service, enter search criteria in to the Search Text field at the top of the screen and press <Enter>. 
    • Click a Service to open it in Preview, then click Approve or Decline in the toolbar located at the top of Preview.
    • Leave selected the services that you want to approve, and then click Approve (services which are not selected will be declined automatically).
  2. Click Approve or Decline. 
  3. An additional dialog opens where you can attach files to the order and provide reasons for approving or declining the order in the Comments field.
    • Drag and drop your attachments onto the Drop Here placeholder or click the Drop Here placeholder and select files to attach from your computer.
    • If you decide to decline an order, you need to provide a reason. The reason is sent by email to the person who ordered the service.
    • If you approve an order, you can optionally enter a comment and it will also be sent to the person who ordered the service.
  4. Click Decline or Approve to confirm your decision. Regardless of whether the order is approved or declined, the attachments will be saved in the approval record created for the order.
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