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An appointment is an instrument for fixing and coordinating future events such as meetings, telephone calls, audits, etc. at the scheduled time. For preparing and editing an appointment, you can create tasks and notes that are saved with the corresponding appointment.



  • Subject: Enter the subject or title.
  • Start Date and End Date: Dates when the appointment starts and ends. If you start creating an appointment from the calendar view, this field will be prefilled with the selected start and end time.
  • All-Day Event: Select this option if the appointment will last all day long.
  • Status: Current status of the appointment.
  • Type: Type of the appointment.
  • Creator: Employee who initiated the appointment.
  • Category: Category of the appointment that will help you to organize your appointments.


  • Mail Recipient: Persons to which a reminder email should be sent.
  • Days Before: The reminder is sent this number of days before the appointment date.
  • Reminder Message Body: Message to appear in the reminder email. 
  • Send Copy (CC) to: Persons to which a copy of the reminder email should be sent.


On the Attachments dialog page, you can view and manage all the attachments that are related to the appointment.

  • Any documents can be attached to the record for future use.


On the Memorandums dialog page, you can view and change all memorandums that are related to the appointment.

  • Links the appointment with the existing memos (notes). Creates and links a memo (note), and removes the existing links.


On the Tasks dialog page, you can view and change all the tasks related to the appointment.

  • Tasks that were created in this context.


On the Topics page, you can view and change all the topic related to the appointment. 

  • Incidents, problems, changes, external contacts, materials, etc. that are related to the task.


In the action pane, you can access the actions that are available for appointments.

  • Create Task: Create a task from a configuration item. The task is then automatically linked to this configuration item.
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