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Announcements contain information about planned maintenance work, current system failures, or other news that are relevant for your users. Announcements are displayed on the homepage of the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and in the Support > Announcements area.

To Create an Announcement

  1. Go to Service Desk workspace and click Announcements in the navigation area. 
  2. Click +Add Announcement at the top of the Announcements page. 



  • Subject: Subject or title of the announcement.
  • Message: Text of the announcement, which will be displayed in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal and can be formatted as HTML.
  • Visibility: Period during which this announcement will be displayed in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal.


Select the This Announcement is restricted checkbox if you want this announcement to be visible to entities added to the tables on the Audience dialog page: Organizational Units, Users, and/or Roles. 

  • Organizational Units: Only users from named organizational units will see it in the Self Service Portal. 
  • Users: The specified users will see the announcement in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal irrespective of their organizational unit. 
  • Roles: Users that belong to the specified roles will see the announcement in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal irrespective of their organizational unit. 


Use the Activities dialog page to manage all Configuration Items that are related to this announcement. Activities are incidents, problems, changes, and tasks that are related to this announcement.


In the action pane, you can access the actions that are available for announcements.

  • Copy Announcement: Copy this announcement and create a new announcement from it.
  • Edit: Open the announcement for editing. 
  • Delete: Delete the announcement. 
  • History: View and export announcement related transactions. 
  • Export: Export the announcement to an .xml file; select the Export N:M Relations checkbox to also export data about related objects with N to M, or many to many, relation. 
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