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Solved Problems 11.0.x

 List of solved problems for Software Asset & Service Management 10.0.x including all updates.

VERSION 11.0.0

Technical Preview (03.12.2021)


Problem Description
PRB34709 UUX - The default value-added tax is not directly displayed for the contract items
PRB34935 Сreate task action - the subject and description are overwritten after a template is assigned
PRB35113 UUX - Copy of computer preview contains faulty localisation
PRB35472 Hyper-V Data Provider Error
PRB35481 Subscription Licenses do not become valid when subscription period begins
PRB35598 Status of Inventory Configurations stays active although the import is completed
PRB35850 MyWorkspace SaaS Data Provider does not create License Requirements for Adobe
PRB35894 "Manage principal User" action - UUX does not have the same functionality as in the Classic UI
PRB35946 Automatic License Model Change on Downgrade does not work, if individual License Inventory Record has fewer usage rights than a single License Requirement
PRB35960 Enterprise Queue Management - Transform Wizard always shows all category
PRB36034 Attachments - Uploading image to the SKU / Service / Person works incorrectly
PRB36139 Error when forwarding 200 tickets
PRB36144 Dataprovider Datacenter & Oracle (nova addon) do not correctly update table csystem
PRB36153 ProcessDemands Workflow fails
PRB36165 Direct entitlement of virtual License Requirements does not work in 10.0.4 with Compliance Reconciliation WF
PRB36173 Assign Service action - Service summary not shown if catalog restriction is disabled
PRB36215 ApprovalWatcher.StartApprovalWorflow OrderType fails
PRB36260 E-Mail attachments are not imported by the E-Mail Robot due to the missing "content-disposition" header
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