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Release Notes for Enterprise Service Management and Digital Workspace Platform 10.0 Update 3 [Release Candidate ]

About this Release

Known Issues - Release Candidate 2

  1. Localization for the new features is missing
  2. License Requirement statistics is not updated if less then 1500 demands processed by Reconciliation WF - Release Candidate 1

  1. Data Providers: In generic connector dialog there are two options for creating configuration (291982)
  2. Setup Wizard: Default web site gets wrong ssl certificate after install/update (292788)
  3. Configuration Packaging: Permissions are not "delivered" with Package  (293033)
  4. Configuration Packaging: Migrated Customizing Installer package to Configuration Package fails on update (293505)
  5. Data provider "Azure Assets" fails to execute with exception "System.NullReferenceException" (285931)
  6. Data provider "SAP Compliance" cannot be installed - will be provided as Configuration Package (293897)
  7. System Measurement fails to execute with exception "Illegal characters in path" (294215) - Technical Preview 1

  1. Change status of contract: enum picker show all available statuses in the application (289340)
  2. Data Providers: IBM LMT: Click on dashboard counts doesn't work (289635)
  3. Service Desk. Quick Starts. "Reported time by me" is broken (289692)
  4. Global System settings. Workflows. "Workflow instance monitoring level" value is not displaying after the page is loaded (289745)
  5. Service desk. Team Duty Roster calendar. "All day" event is not displayed in calendar (289788)
  6. Send email wizard. Add user control doesn't display added users (289769)

Functional Changes

This release provides a couple of functional changes - new features and improvements :


Enterprise Service Management

  • Aggregated Compliance 
    Software compliance displayed in preview of software products can be aggregated across all reported products with same publisher and name.  
  • Inappropriate Licensing Support
    License Models may set License Requirement to status invalid by returning a negative number. This supports scenarios where certain circumstances don't allow licensing due to licensing terms. License Intelligence Service will use this capabilities to identify invalid "per Server" licensing for SQL Server Enterprise on machines with more than 20 cores.  
  • LIS Online Update via matrix42-URI 
    LIS Online Update is using a new web-service URL (previously:
  • Extension of Public API - Ticket
    Immediately create Tickets classified as Incident or Service Request using the Ticket.Create-Method.
    Once tickets are created the new Ticket.Transform-Method can be used to change the classification of a ticket.

Digital Workspace Platform

  • Configuration Packaging
    Uninstallation: It is possible to uninstall Configuration Packages to clean up your environment. 
    API: Possibility to integrate Configuration Packaging installation in 3d party tools using API
    Dependencies: Configure dependencies for the Packages to leverage the functionality that already exists
    Minimum Required Digital Workspace Version check
    Rollback: In case of failure when installing the Package rollback changes made
  • Extended Attributes Support by Azure AD Data Provider
    It is possible to configure Extended Attributes in Azure Active Directory Data Provider for importing additional information for Users and Groups.  It is also possible to use those attributes for filtering results for import. In addition, when using AD and AAD data providers at the same time, accounts will be assigned 
  • SQL Cluster support
    It is possible to install DWP based applications to SQL Cluster what will help to save costs and simplify management
  • Product Usability
    Dedicated Landing Page panel for action items that makes an interface cleaner
    Performing multi-context actions from Charts when drill-down
    Report "System Performance" that helps administrators to optimize application configuration
  • Accessibility support improvements
    Simplified search support using Keyword Search


Azure Active Directory & Active Directory Data Providers

With 10.0 Update 3, we have changed the matching mechanism for Persons and Accounts to avoid duplicates. When Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are connected with AD Sync, and both Data Providers are activate - the system will create only one Person for both Accounts. Because of that change, custom settings for matching Accounts and Users will be overwritten and needs to be configured again.

It is highly recommended to configure a list of extended attributes in configurations of Active Directory Data Provider and Azure Active Directory Data Provider at the same time when both data providers are in use! 

Replacing  Data Gateway with Matrix42 Workers

Matrix42 Worker becomes the universal approach for executing asynchronous background tasks in the Digital Workspace Platform. It also can play the role of the data gateway, or in other words, can be installed remotely and carries out the tasks for collecting data for Data Providers (as Matrix42 Data Gateway does).

Q2/2020 (10.0.1) All Data Gateways tasks (except Inventory of Citrix XenServer, Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-V, Inventory of VMware vCenter, LIS - Online Update,  Unix Inventory, Windows Inventory) by default running on present Worker.
Q4/2020 (10.0.2) All Data Gateways tasks assigned to be executed on Worker.

Discontinue Matrix42 Data Gateway service (together with Classical Console)

In case of Data Gateway installed remotely (not on App Server), make sure the Matrix42 Worker installed on the same computer and the relation to Data Gateway is set

If for whatever reason the Data Gateway task is failing on Matrix42 Worker, this task can be hand over back the Matrix42 Data Gateway.  For that, remove the reference to the Data Gateway in the appropriate Worker Dialog.

Secure Token Service as a default mechanism for authentication

The Secure Token Service is the only available option for authentication. STS will be automatically enabled for existing installations. There will be no possibility to deactivate the option.  In addition,  Force SSL option will be set. It means that when someone opens the console or the portal with the HTTP URL, they will be redirected to the HTTPS URL.

New Workflow Engine

New Workflow Engine is replacing the Workflow Engine based on Microsoft AppFabric. For more details please check Workflow Engine. The process of introducing a new Engine and full discontinue of the legacy AppFabric engines includes several steps to guarantee a smooth and reliable transition which excludes the data losses or manual routines.  

 The AppFabic  Workflow Engine will be discontinued in the following schedule:

Q1/2020 (10.0.0)

Final Technical Preview. Migration of the Custom Workflows and Custom Workflow Activities can be started. See, Workflows Migration

Q2/2020 (10.0.1)

Matrix42 Worker Engine can be used productively. AppFabric is the default Workflows Execution Engine. 


Matrix42 Worker Engine is the default Workflow engine. It is possible to selected Workflows to keep using legacy AppFabric Engine.

New e-mail Engine for standard e-mail Notifications.

New Email Engine has replaced Alerting Engine. Now the new Email Engine is used by default for processing all standard email notifications defined in the Compliance Rules. These changes are not applied to customized and custom Compliance Rules used in pair with the legacy Alerting Engine.

Please make sure that the customized and custom Email Descriptors are manually adjusted and corresponding Compliance Rules are switched to the new Email Engine as the Alerting Engine will be smoothly discontinued.

 The Alerting module will be discontinued in the following schedule:

Q3/2019 (9.1.2)

Default not-customized Mail Notification uses the new Email Engine


All Compliance Rules are automatically switched to use New Email Engine with the possibility to fallback.
Alerting is part of the delivery, but not maintained. In default Product Alerting keep being used for Compliance Rule Send Email Actions configured in Legacy Console


Alerting fully removed together with the discontinue of the Legacy (Classical) console.

Learn more on how to adjust Email Descriptors and migrate Compliance Rules to the new Email Engine.

End Of Sales - Classic UI

Since product version 10.0.0 the classic user interface can no longer be installed. However, to ensure backward compatibility, it can still be used on existing installations. In agreement with our support terms and conditions, the classic user interface will be supported until September 2021. After that point in time, the components for classic user interface will be completely removed from product releases.

If you need support or do have any particular questions, please reach out to the Matrix42 product management team.  

March 2020

End of ‘Classic UI – End of Sale’​  - The classic user interface can no longer be installed. 

September 2021

Complete shutdown of classic UI. Classic UI will no longer be shipped

Updating from previous versions

Important and Breaking Changes

Please review important or breaking changes that have been made since your currently installed version has been released.

Solved Problems

Please check solved problems that are relevant to you since your currently installed version has been released.

Database Schema Changes

Please check database schema changes that have been made since your currently installed version has been released.

Supported Versions

The setup program can be used to update existing installations of product version 8.0.2 or higher. 

Please refer to this article for more information about support status of previous product versions.

Updating from Version

If you are updating from version, you must remove following files from folder <setup folder>\root\web\bin before updating to this version:

  • extensibility.dll
  • update4u.Templates.VS2010.Addin.Workflows.dll
  • update4u.Templates.VS2010.Core.dll

Please note that if you want to update from any version before 8.1.7 directly to a 9.1.x version you need to take an intermediate step to 8.1.7.

Expired Maintenance for Version 9.0

Please note that with general availability of version 10.0 the maintenance for “Workspace Management 9.0” (latest update version provided is 9.0.4) has expired.
We strongly recommend that systems with this version are updated to a supported product version as soon as possible.

Dependencies with Add-ons

At least following add-ons must be updated for compatibility reasons:

If you have any other add-ons from Matrix42 Marketplace installed, please check compatibility with the corresponding publisher before installing this version.

General Information and Resources

Available information and resources about the product:

Technical Information

Make sure to install latest hotfix, available on product download page on Matrix42 Marketplace (see above) 


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

Matrix42 Help Desk

Phone: +49 (69) 667 738 222

General information about Matrix42 support services can be found here:

Other Resources