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Connect Adobe Creative Cloud with MyWorkspace


MyWorkspace integrates into Adobe Creative Cloud to connect Matrix42 Portfolio with Adobe.

Use Cases:

  • User Provisioning
  • User (Application) Entitlement
  • Single Sign-On
  • License Compliance


Therefore a connector to Adobe must be established between MyWorkspace and Adobe I/O. This article describes the necessary steps to setup the connector and configure all related parts in Adobe I/O Admin Portal.


  • MyWorkspace Admin User
  • Adobe System Admin User 

Create a Adobe Connector in MyWorkspace

  1. Login to MyWorkspace with an Admin User and goto Connectors
  2. Click to "+" Button on the bottom right and choose "Adobe Creative Cloud"


  3. Click "Download Certificate" to download the Certificate on the Connector Page


  4. Keep the page open and move forward with the steps below. We will come back to MyWorkspace Connector Configuration later

Create Service Integration in Adobe


  1. Sign in to Adobe Admin Console
  2. Click "New integration"


  3. Choose "Access an API" and click "Continue"


  4. Choose "User Management API" and click "Continue"


  5. Give a spelling name for the integration, a description and add the previously downloaded certificate
  6. Click "Create integration" to complete the integration setup
  7. The Integration details will be shown. Those details are relevant for the next steps



Complete MyWorkspace Connector Configuration

  1. Go back to the open MyWorkspace Connector Page


  2. Copy each field (e.g. Api Key) from the Adobe Integration Overview (above) to the inputfield in the MyWorkspace Connector Page


  3. Click on "Save" to complete the configuration. Your are done!

What's Next

To integrate Adobe into Matrix42 License Management please proceed here.