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Network Requirements for Remote Desktop Gateway


Self-Hosted Matrix42 Remote Desktop Gateway relies on the docker platform to deliver fast, easy and reliable updates of the appliance. When you use docker hosting infrastructure the Matrix42 Remote Desktop Gateway plays well with it. 

This article highlights the network requirements to run the RDG in your infrastructure.

DNS Requirements

The Remote Desktop Gateway needs to be accessible from MyWorkspace through a connection URL. Therefor a full qualified domain name in the DNS needs to be registered that points to the RDG (e.g.

Network Requirements

Port 443 (TCP) needs to be opened for outbound connections on the resource to ensure the communication between MyWorkspace and the Remote Desktop Gateway in the local infrastructure.

RDG requires a connections to the host machine via RDP on port 3389. If your RDP resources are accessible through a different port, please make sure the RDG is able to communicate on this port as well.

Port Protocol Connection
443 TCP Outbound
3389 TCP Outbound

On the server itself are two docker services necessary for Remote Desktop Gateway. Those two services are communicating on port 4822 (TCP) and 4900 (TCP). Please ensure the machine allows local communication on these ports.

Please also ensure all System Requirements are met.

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