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Connect Active Directory with MyWorkspace


MyWorkspace makes it possible to integrate Microsoft Active Directory without synchronizing critical user information into the cloud, especially MyWorkspace does not store passwords or password hashes in the cloud instance. This tutorial demonstrate how to integrate the MyWorkspace Cloud Connector into an existing on premise infrastructure without changing existing network or firewall settings. 


User Synchronization

During Cloud Connector Setup please configure the OU path to synchronize users from your local AD with MyWorkspace. This path may reflect the users getting access to MyWorkspace but also who shall be able to login to managed Applications with their AD Credentials.

Your AD will stay the single source of truth. Please manage the user account lifecycle in your AD. Means on- and offboarding a user account happens in your local AD and the Cloud Connector ensures those users are created and updated (CRUD operations) in MyWorkspace to consume services.

Whenever yon want to offboard a user or deny access to MyWorkspace and managed Applications by MyWorkspace (e.g. Office365 Apps), please remove the User from the synchronized OU path or delete the User from your local AD (CAUTION: be careful. Only delete AD User if applicable)

Video 1: Integrate Active Directory

This video shows the different integration steps to connect MyWorkspace with an existing on-premise Active Directory infrastructure.

Video 2: Sign-In with Active Directory

The second video demonstrates to user experience for end users in MyWorkspace when Active Directory based sign in is activated.