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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Approving or declining orders

Step-by-step guide on approving/declining orders. Applying the decision for single and multiple orders.


Before an order is delivered, the order process defines as a rule that you approve or decline the order. This confirmation takes place depending on the selected approval process, for example:

  • through members of the Service Delivery Management role;
  • by the cost center manager;
  • by the order recipient.

Service approvals

All orders pending for approval are listed in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal →  Home menu  →  Decide  →  Service Approvals navigation area:


Service Approvals page lists all orders which depend on the approval of a current user according to the user's role.

So such user is considered as a decision-maker and can approve from the Service Approvals page :

  • a single order of the list;
  • specific services of a single order;
  • multiple orders of the list.

In all cases, the decision-maker approves or declines only those services of the placed orders the current user is responsible for.  The approval process may involve one or more decision-makers and not all the services may depend on the current user.  Services approved by the other decision-makers are available for preview, but cannot be managed by the current user.

Single order approval

A decision-maker can approve all services of an order or specified services only as follows:

Specific services approval

  1. Click on a Pending for approval order to open it in the preview mode;
  2. Select "My services" tab to see only those services which require your approval;
  3. Select specific services you are about to approve. The rest of the services pending for approval but without the selected checkbox will be declined. 
  4. Click Decide button and finalize the approval according to the suggested options:


All services approval

To approve or decline all services of an order which are pending for approval from the current user click Approve all or Decline all button accordingly:


Proceed and finalize the approval according to the suggested options.


Multiple orders approval 

To make a common decision for multiple orders:

  1. use a CTRL+Click shortcut to select multiple orders from the list;
  2. click Approve all or Decline all button accordingly:


Proceed and finalize the approval according to the suggested options.

Finalizing approval

Further steps after Approve All or Decline All actions:

  1. An additional dialog opens where you can attach files to the order and provide reasons for approving or declining the order.
  2. Decision:
    • If you decide to decline an order, you need to provide a Reason. The reason is sent by email to the person who ordered the service.
    • If you approve an order, you need to enter a Comment and it will also be sent to the person who ordered the service.
  3. Attachments: drag and drop your attachments onto the Drop Here placeholder or click the Drop Here placeholder and select files to attach from your device.
  4. Click Decline or Approve to confirm your decision.  

As a result, all Service Approval orders may be listed as follows: