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Unified User Experience


The UUX for SUEM Console is based on the Matrix42 Solution Builder Platform and is a unified console for client management, mobile device management and endpoint data protection.


Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management provides three Unified User Experience extensions and several supporting extensions:

Extension Description
Secure Unified Endpoint Management UUX for Secure Unified Endpoint Management is an extended console with added value for Unified Endpoint Management and EgoSecure Data Protection. It combines the device management and security use cases in a single console with dedicated dashboards.
Unified Endpoint Management Provides the UUX management and configuration console for modern and classic device management based on the core products Matrix42 Silverback and Matrix42 Empirum. Additional management engines can be connected.
EgoSecure Data Protection UUX for EgoSecure Data Protection (EDP). EDOP is a modular all-round solution for Endpoint Security which is equipped with numerous security features. Endpoints are protected holistically and automatically, without disturbing workflows or reducing performance

Prerequisite Extensions

For seamless integration and functionality the following extensions are required.

Extension Description
Enterprise Service Bus The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a required backend technology taking care of the communication between the Application Server and the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP) for the SUEM, UEM and EDP UUX Apps. Azure Service Bus for Cloud and RabbitMQ for on-premises installations are currently supported by the Enterprise Service Bus technology.
File Upload Service The File Upload Service provides base components which are used by the package upload wizard. The configuration of the extension is located in Administration - File Upload Service - Storage Connections. The Extension is required by the UEM App from Version 21.0.1 onwards. It is automatically installed when installing or updating the UEM Extension. The Extension is hidden in the Extension Gallery.
EgoSecure UUX Controls This extension provides an additional set of controls for EgoSecure Data Protection and the Digital Workspace Platform.
Intune Integration Core

The extension provides a base data structure for Intune managed devices. The extension is required by the Unified Endpoint Management  extension (from Version and is automatically installed when installing or updating the UEM Extension. The Extension is hidden in the Extension Gallery.

Intune device management requires the Intune Inventory Data Provider and the Enterprise Management Platform license.

Service Bus 

Azure Service Bus for Cloud and RabbitMQ for On-Premises installations are currently supported as Enterprise Service Bus


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