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Data Provider III: Silverback

Silverback Connector

Create Token 

To create a token, you must have an existing system user with an Administrator role. When you have a system user you want to allow API for,  perform the following steps:

  • Log in to the Silverback console with Administrator credentials
  • Navigate to Admin
  • Navigate to User Management
  • Click the Edit option for the user you want to add the API token for, keeping in mind the user must belong to the “Administrator” role to use the API.
  • Scroll down to the Create API Token section.
  • Enable all Scope Permissions and enter a description.

The description has no technical affect on the token, and is used to help you keep track of your tokens.

  • Click Create and wait until the process has finished. It can be last up to a minute.
  • Click Save
  • Go back to your User and check your new token
  • Copy the token into your clipboard

Configure Silverback Connector

  • Log in to Unified Endpoint Management with Administrator credentials
  • Click on the Launcher icon on the top right
  • Navigate to Administration
  • Click Integration
  • Select Data Providers
  • Click MWM Silverback
  • Click Edit
  • Press + in Configurations area
  • Add a description (optional)
  • Enable import checkbox
  • Click settings
  • Under server add your Silverback URL, e.g.
  • Under API Key paste your previously created token
  • Enable Import Tag Catalog
  • Enable automatic assignment of principal user to Device (optional)
  • Enable automatic assignment of principal user to SIM Card (optional)
  • Press SAVE
  • Click Test Configuration
  • Click Close
  • Click Done
  • Click Done

Enable Connector

  • Press Enable
  • Confirm with Yes
  • Press Activate (Full Import)
  • Confirm with Yes
  • Click on MWM Silverback (App Server) 
  • Scroll down
  • Check Import Logs 

Check Import

  • Click on the Launcher icon on the top right
  • Navigate to Unified Endpoint Management
  • Expand Endpoint Devices
    • Check if devices are listed 

Next Steps

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