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Service Bus III: Install Empirum Service

Install and Configure Empirum ServiceBus Service

Login to DBUtil

  • Open Matrix42 DBUtil
    • Enter your Database Username
    • Enter your Password
  • Click Login
  • Select your Location
  • Enter your Operating System Login Name
  • Enter your Password
  • Click OK 

Install and Configure Service

  • Open Actions
  • Select Click Install/Configure Services
  • Choose Empirum-ServiceBus
    • Add your Subscription / Queue (i.g. matrix42.empirum.subscription)
    • Select your Service Bus Type (RabbitMQ or AzureServiceBus)
    • Enter your Topic / Exchange (i.g. matrix42.suem.topic)
    • Enter your Connection String (see RabbitMQ or Azure Service Bus setup)
  • Click Apply
  • Right Click Empirum-ServiceBus
  • Click Install
  • Wait until the installation is finished

Control What Is Published (Empirum Options)

An Empirum Option (EmpOption) for published objects can contain the following values:

EmpValue Description
0 Do not publish objects of the related type.
1 Execute initial publishing of all objects of the related type.
2 Publish single objects of the related type if they change.

Empirum DB table Options contains the following feature toggles (Empirum Options) for several Empirum objects that are published. 
Usually, the value will be set to '2' after the first installation and already processed initial syncs (publishing of all objects of a kind)
It is possible to set the value back to '0' to shut off the publishing completely or to set the value to '1' to initiate a complete RE-publish of all the objects of a kind.
The initial sync (publishing of all objects) is available for most types of objects.

EmpOption Initial Sync Support Related Empirum Object
UemDeviceSyncActivated Yes Client computer
(as of Empirum 20.0.3 set to '0' by default as not all license management processes are supported yet)
Yes: only Initial Sync Installed applications (Inventory) found on a managed client
UemBootImageSyncActivated Yes Boot configuration for OS deployment
UemPmStatusSyncActivated No Patch Management status
UemPatchManagementGroupSyncActivated Yes Patch Management group
UemSoftwarePackageSyncActivated Yes

Any Empirum (software) package: UEM Agent Template, Software Application, OS Install Image, OS Language Pack.

Trigger a full sync publishes all listed objects.

Re-import the OS Install Images from the disk using EMC will find all OS (Install) Images (metadata) and publishes then on the Service Bus.

UemStatusSyncActivated No

(But could be done indirectly using 'UemSoftwareInstallationStatusLastRun' option described below)
UEM Agent status / Last software installation status

Additionally, there are Empirum options that have different values but are also used to control publishing.

EmpOption EmpValue Description
UemSoftwareInstallationStatusLastRun Last processed ID from table ArchiveDistJobs Software package installation status Or UEM Agent status. This Empirum Option is directly related to the 'UemStatusSyncActivated' option described upon.

All software depot logs are stored in that table and the ID of the last processed record is stored in UemSoftwareInstallationStatusLastRun. 

It is possible to RE-publish all the history by setting the value to '0'.
Be aware there could be tens of thousands of records in that table.

Changes can only be done exclusively directly on the DB.

If Empirum and RabbitMQ or the Database running on the same server the "Matrix42 Empirum ServiceBus Service" needs to set to "Automatic (Delayed Start).

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