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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Service Bus III: Install Empirum Service

Install and Configure Empirum ServiceBus Service

Login to DBUtil

  • Open Matrix42 DBUtil
    • Enter your Database Username
    • Enter your Password
  • Click Login
  • Select your Location
  • Enter your Operating System Login Name
  • Enter your Password
  • Click OK 

Install and Configure Service

  • Open Actions
  • Select Click Install/Configure Services
  • Choose Empirum-ServiceBus
    • Add your Subscription / Queue (i.g. matrix42.empirum.subscription)
    • Select your Service Bus Type (RabbitMQ or AzureServiceBus)
    • Enter your Topic / Exchange (i.g. matrix42.suem.topic)
    • Enter your Connection String (see RabbitMQ or Azure Service Bus setup)
    • Optionally enter a display name which will be shown in the node information on the DWP. If nothing is entered "Server Name/Location" is used.
  • Click Apply
  • Right Click Empirum-ServiceBus
  • Click Install
  • Wait until the installation is finished
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