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Service Bus VII: Message Validation

Azure Service Bus

Service Bus Explorer

Download and Installation


  • Open Service Bus Explorer
  • Click File
  • Select Connect 
  • Under Service Bus Namespaces select Enter a connection String 
  • In the connection string enter the namespace connection string 
    • In Azure, navigate to your Resource Group
    • Select your Service Bus Namespace
    • Navigate to Shared access policies
    • Press RootManageSharedAccessKey
    • Copy the Primary Connection String to your clipboard
  • Navigate back to Service Bus Explorer
    • Paste the Primary Connection String to the connection string section
    • Click OK

Read Messages

  • Expand Topics
  • Expand your synchronized Topic
  • Expand Subscriptions
  • You should see now 3 subscriptions
    • matrix42.empirum.subscription
    • matrix42.silverback.subscription
    • matrix42.uem.subscription
  • Verify if some subscriptions has a value greater then 0 in the brackets
  • Select the subscriptions with a greater value then 0 
  • Click Messages
  • Make sure "Peek" is selected
  • Enter as Message Count e.g. 100
  • Click OK
  • Read any of the messages



  • Login to the administration interface of RabbitMQ (installed by default when using the Matrix42 installation package)

Read Messages

  • Select Queues
  • Select a queue which has more than 0 messages ready
  • Select Get messages
    • Enter the number of messages you want to receive
  • Review the messages
    • The message content can be copied to a json text formatter or a web service like for easier reading

Next Steps

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