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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Service Bus II: Azure Service Bus

Install Service Bus

  • Open
  • Login with Administrator Credentials
  • Navigate to your resource group
  • Click Add
  • Search for Service Bus
  • Press Enter
  • Select Service Bus
  • Click Create
    • Enter a Name, e.g. matrix42.suem or
    • Select a pricing tier (i.e. Standard)
    • Recheck Subscription
    • Recheck Resource group
    • Change Location, e.g. West Europe
  • Click Create
  • Wait until the Deployment is finished

Configure Service Bus

Create a Topic

  • Navigate back to your resource group
  • You should see now a new Service Bus
  • Open it
  • Under Entities select Topics
  • Click + Topic
  • Enter a Name, e.g. matrix42.suem.topic
  • Click Create
  • Click matrix42.suem.topic

Add Subscription

  • Navigate to subscriptions
  • Click +Subscription
  • Enter a Name, e.g. matrix42.suem.subscription
  • Click Create
  • Click +Subscription
  • Enter a Name, e.g. matrix42.empirum.subscription
  • Click Create
  • Click +Subscription
  • Enter a Name, e.g. matrix42.silverback.subscription
  • Click Create

Create Shared access policies

  • Navigate to Shared access policies
  • Click Add
  • Enter policy name, e.g. matrix42.suem.policy
  • Enable Manage
  • Click Create
  • Open matrix42.suem.policy
  • Create a new Text Document with e.g. Notepad++
  • Copy and Paste the Primary Connection String to your Text Document 
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