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How to install and configure Matrix42 Extensions Publishing Tools for Azure DevOps

This is a step-by-step guide to installing and configuring Matrix42 Extensions Publishing Tools for Azure DevOps.



You can simply install the Matrix42 Extensions Publishing Tools from the Visual Studio Marketplace:

Matrix42 Extensions Publishing Tools - Visual Studio Marketplace


  1. Visit your Azure DevOps Organization site.
  2. Choose the project for which you want to configure the Matrix42 Extensions Publishing Tools and go to the project settings.
  3. Under "Pipelines" navigate to "Service Connections" and click on "New service connection".
  4. Search for "Matrix42 Extension Gallery" and click on "Next".
  5. Copy the Personal Access Token of your Matrix42 Cloud Account into the "API Token" field.

The account which was used to generate the Personal Access Token will be the referenced contributor in all Digital Workspace Platform Extensions uploaded with the Matrix42 Extensions Publishing Tools.

This requires the account to be added as a contributor with at least the "Contributor" permission level. (Learn more about permissions)

Also keep in mind that the Personal Access Token will expire in the configured time (90, 180, 360 days) and has to be renewed. 

  1.  Choose a name and an optional description for your service connection.
  2. Click on "Save" and you will see the new service connection appear in the list of service connections.
  3. Optional: You can click on the service connection and use the "More actions"-menu (three dots) to manage the permissions on the service connection (Security).

Read more about Azure DevOps service connections in general:

Service connections in Azure Pipelines & TFS - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs


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