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Learn more about Releases

When using the Matrix42 DevOps Services every Build of a Digital Workspace Platform Extension results in a Release. This way you can think of a Release as a milestone of the product lifecycle of an Extension, tagged with a version.

You can get an overview of all Releases of an Extension by clicking on the "View" link of the Extension in the Matrix42 DevOps Portal. (

Releases are named by a number that increments with each consecutive release of the Extension.


There are different ways on how to add a Release to an Extension:

Please be aware that only contributors with at least the "Contributor" permission level can upload Releases to an Extension.

Learn more about permissions

Each Release has a status badge which tells you the state of the Release in the product lifecycle:

Available: This release is available to be published. (Learn more about publishing Extensions)

Published: This release is already published to the Matrix42 Extension Gallery. (


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