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Build & Deploy an Extension with the Matrix42 CLI

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Matrix42 DevOps Services to build and deploy a Digital Workspace Platform Extension using the Matrix42 CLI.


Install the Matrix42  Command-Line Interface (CLI)

To use the CLI you will need to have npm installed on your device. You can find a guide on how to install npm in the official npm documentation:
Downloading and installing Node.js and npm | npm Docs (

Now all you need to do is install the Matrix42 CLI using npm:

> npm i -g @matrix42/cli

Build the Extension

To build your Digital Workspace Platform Extension (Configuration Package) you need to run the "generate-extension" command:

> m42 generate-extension --manifest

 An example for this command:

> m42 generate-extension -m /path/to/package.json -o -a "/directory/to/add/1,/directory/to/add/2"

Sign your Extension

Now that you built your Digital Workspace Platform Extension you will later want to upload it as a Release. But before you need to sign this Release using a Matrix42 Developer Identity.

You can read all about how to sign your Release here.

Upload your Extension

Now that you have a signed Extension Release you can upload it using the "upload-extension" command:

> m42 upload-extension --id

  An example for this command:

> m42 upload-extension -i 9720d1e9-65f1-4897-b850-2a5bdb72cfcc -p /path/to/


For some commands you might need to be logged in. The CLI will output an error if authentication is missing.

You can authenticate your current session using the "login" command:

> m42 login [--personal-access-token]

Please be aware that the implicit login via a Browser is not supported in Pipeline an integration. Therefor you will need to create a PAT (personal access token) with an account you want to use for your Pipeline integration.

You can create a new PAT by logging in to and then on the bottom of your Account site (


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