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Creating Task Templates


In task templates, you define default values for category, SLA, priority, recipient, etc. If a task is linked to a task template, it automatically inherits all properties of the template.

To Create a Task Template 

  1. Go to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management > Service Desk application.
  2. In the navigation area, click Configurations > Task Templates.
  3. On the toolbar, click Add Task Template. A properties dialog opens.
  4. Enter information that will be automatically copied to the newly created task: NameSummaryCategoryType of TaskPriorityResponsibleResponsible RoleDescription, and Solution.
  5. Click Done at the bottom to save and close. 


In the action pane, you can access the most important Actions for this task template with one click.

  • Edit: Open the task template for editing. 
  • Delete: Delete the task template. 
  • History: View and export task template related transactions. 
  • Export: Export the task template to an .xml file; select the Export N:M Relations checkbox to also export data about related objects with N to M, or many to many, relation. 
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