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How to move files between storages


Matrix42 File Storage extension supports data transferring between the storages. To get this option enabled you must have non-empty storage with the files loaded to it via the application. Otherwise, the feature is not activated due to empty storage. 

Make sure you have already installed and configured Matrix42 File Storage extension.

Moving files

Assuming we have created an empty Matrix42 Cloud Storage and already have uploaded some assets to Default SQL Server storage.

To move the files, follow the next steps: 

  1. Go to Administration application 
  2. Go to Integration 
  3. Go to File Storage Services 
  4. Select Default SQL Server Storage 
  5. In the preview, click on Move Files 
  6. The following screen will be showing up providing the amount of the files to be transferred: 
  7.  Enter the Target storage account to move the files to. In the example above, files are moved from Default SQL Server to M42 Cloud Storage
  8. To confirm the operation, click on Move Files.

Files moving operation could take some time depending on the amount and sizes of the files.

A long-running background operation will be created to reflect the current operation progress. To access it, go to the header navigation area → Notifications Monitor → Operations in Process:




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