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To install and configure Marvin AI you need to register an account at After the account validation process you are able to login to the Matrix42 Marketplace to download the Service Store and the Marivn AI customizing at

Service Store Setup

For administrators only.

Navigate to the Marvin AI settings section in the Global System Settings (Administration > Global System Settings > Edit > Marvin AI). Click the checkbox to enable the configuration.

  1. Under System URL you have to type in the URL under which the Service Store is available. The field should be pre-filled, already. 
  2. The service user has to be a user with a valid Service Store account and Administration permission granted. We recommend to create a new user to later better track activities originated from Marvin AI.
  3. Click on 'Connect to Marvin AI' to connect Marvin AI with your Matrix42 Cloud Account. You will be prompted to login into your Matrix42 Cloud Account.

The Service Store setup is now complete. Users from your company are now able to link their accounts to your service store accounts. This will enable them to talk to Marvin AI.


Marvin AI System Settings

Marvin AI Setup

Firstly users have to install the Marvin AI Teams app. Therefor they have to go to the public Teams apps store or to their own tenant Teams store to download Marvin AI. After the installation they can start to write with Marvin AI. Marvin AI will prompt a button to link their Teams (Azure AD) account to their company's service store. If the admin has configured Service Store auto-discovery the user just has to follow the link and login to the Service Store to link their account. If auto-discovery is not configured, the user has to submit their company's Service Store URL into the service discovery form to complete the account linkage.


Link User Account


Service Store Service Discovery

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