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Uploading Oracle data into the Oracle Compliance application from remote folders


The Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider is installed along with the Oracle Compliance add-on from the Extension Gallery. It uploads files generated by the Oracle data collection scripts to the Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management server.

The data provider uses the Matrix42 worker to collect files and upload them to the system. The worker can be deployed remotely and needs to have access to a local or network path where the Oracle data collection results are stored. This allows to trigger the import of files with scanning results entirely via the user interface.

Configuring the Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider

To configure the data provider:

  1. Open the Administration application and go to Integration > Data Providers.
  2. Double-click the Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider to open it. The page contains the configurations list where configurations for this provider can be managed.
  3. Create a new configuration. A new dialog will open.
  4. On the General page, select the data gateway and implicitly the worker that will fetch the files.
  5. In the Path to Directory that Contains Oracle Data Collection Result File(s) field, specify a local or network folder that contains Oracle files. The folder path must be specified in the context of the server where the worker is deployed.

Keep in mind that all files with the .csv, .txt, .zip, .tar or .gz extension will be deleted from this folder after being uploaded to Matrix42 server for all versions of the extension lower then 3.2.

  1. Select the Include subdirectories checkbox if the worker should also search subfolders for the Oracle files.
  2. Select Enable import and save the configuration.
  3. Run the Enable action for the data provider.

Running the data provider

You can trigger the  Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider manually by using the Activate action.

In addition, an engine activation has been set up to run the data provider automatically. The Oracle Database Compliance - Upload Oracle Data Collection Results engine activation is configured to run at 7:11 pm daily. This schedule can be adjusted if necessary.

Tracking the progress

Click the configuration of the Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider to open its preview.

The preview displays all jobs and workflow instances for the selected configuration.

You can also review jobs and workflow instances on the separate tabs of the configuration dialog.

After the Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider finishes, the Matrix42 HostCommon service imports Oracle data into the Oracle Compliance application.