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Running the scripts on Windows

The scripts need to run on every system with Oracle databases and/or Java.  If it is a virtualized system, then these must also be run on the "host" system.

Exception: VMware. For VMware "hosts" please use the Dataprovider VMware.

After the installation of the "Oracle Compliance" extension, the scripts can be found in the folder Matrix42\Matrix42 Workplace Management\OracleLocalInventory.

To execute the data collection scripts on Windows systems:

  1. Place the M42DataCollectionWindows directory including all its files in any folder on the target systems.
  2. Run the M42OracleDataCollection.cmd file as an Administrator.

Running the script will generate files and put them in the Output folder in the root directory. In addition, a compressed <hostname>. zip file with contents of the Output folder will be created. 

Starting with Version 3.11 there is a new optional parameter ExecRemoteSigned for the M42OracleDataCollection.cmd.
Running M42OracleDataCollection.cmd  ExecRemoteSigned  will execute signed PowerShell scripts in environments if the Execution Policy is set to Restricted.

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