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Collecting data for Java installations


This feature is relevant starting with the Matrix42 Oracle Compliance add-on version 3.0.

As of version 3.0, the Oracle Compliance add-on automatically collects information about Java installations by scanning the file system and by process detection. The file system scan is configurable.

A minimum of 32 MB memory needs to be free and available to run the M42DataCollection.

Settings for Java inventory

By default the settings for scanning Java installations are enabled both for Unix/Linux systems and Windows systems.
Mounted file systems are not being scanned per default. Certain directories are exluded in the default configuration.

Windows settings

The M42DataCollection.env configuration file is located in the M42DataCollectionWin folder and contains the following settings:

# Settings for FileScan
ExcludedDirs = "$env:windir","C:\PerfLogs"
IncludedFileTypes=".exe",".cfg",".conf",".json",".txt",".xml",".csv",".config", ".properties"

#Java Settings
  • FileScan determines if the system should perform the scan or not.
  • EnableFileShareScan indicates if mounted file shares should be scanned or not.
  • In ExcludedDirs you can add directories that must not be scanned.
  • IncludedFileTypes lists file types that are relevant for scanning. It is not recommended to edit this setting.
  • OnlyIncludedFileTypes detemines if the scan should scan only included file types or all file types.
  • ResultFile is a path to the file that contains scan results.
  • OracleJavaDetection indicates if the scan should include Java installations or not.

Unix/Linux settings

The M42DataCollection.env file (for Solaris: M42DataCollection_SunOS.env)  is located in the M42DataCollectionUnix\bin\config folder and contains the following settings:

# FileScan Settings
# Supported Filesystems: xfs,ext2,ext3,ext4,btrfs,zfs,reiserfs,vxfs,hfs
# Supported Shares: nfs,cifs

  • Supported Filesystems lists all types of file systems that the tool can scan.
  • Supported Shares lists supported protocols for sharing directories and files.
  • EnableFileScan determines if the system should perform the scan or not.
  • EnableFileScanCompression indicates if the list of found files should be compressed.
  • EnableFileShareScan determines if mounted file shares should be scanned or not.
  • In ExcludedFileScanPaths you can add paths that must not be scanned.

Analyzing the results of Java inventory

The data collected from scanning Java installations is displayed as a dashboard under the Home > Java Product Deployment navigation item in the Oracle Compliance application.

Keep in mind that the Commercial Feature Usage chart includes only Java installations from the publisher Oracle whereas the Vendor chart displays Java installations from all vendors.

For details about Java installations, go to the Java Products navigation item. 

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