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Release Notes

You can find a general overview of Marvin's features here: Chat Features


Released for Matrix42 SASM Versions: 9.1.1, 9.1.3, 10.0.0

- Updated to support Matrix42 SASM 10.0.0

- Fixed a Bug where Marvin told the user "Cannot connect to License Server" when trying to validate the license of the customer

- Fixed a Bug where Marin would always respond with "Sorry, something went wrong"


Released for Matrix42 SASM Versions: 9.1.1, 9.1.3

- Introduced Feature Rings to let customers decide which Features are rolled out for their installation. (Stabel, Unstable, Preview)  

- Updated to support Matrix42 SASM 9.1.3

1.0.0 initial release

Released for Matrix42 SASM Versions: 9.1.1 

- Introduced the Matrix42 Marvin SASM AddOn

- Added a view in the global configuration of SASM to configure and connect to Marvin

- Added Compliance Rules and Workflows for Push Notifications support (Push Notifications)

- Added the possibility to connect Marvin Accounts (MS Teams) with SASM Accounts via Service Discovery (Self-Service Portal Auto-Discovery)

- Added an API for Marvin to integrate the customer Knowledge Base

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