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Troubleshooting problems with LIS online update


This document describes the most common causes of errors and issues with LIS Online Update Data Provider.  

This data provider tries to connect to the public LIS update web-service using one of following addresses:

Problems may also occur trying to access the LIS Premium Online Library (TERMS Option).


Error message in the data gateway log file and/or worker log file:

2021-05-07 09:59:03 ERROR System.ServiceModel.FaultException: 
The server could not process the request due to an internal error. 
If you want to get more information about the error, either enable IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults 
(through the ServiceBehaviorAttribute or the <serviceDebug> configuration behavior) for the client 
to send the exception information back to the server, or enable tracing according to the 
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK documentation and check the server tracing logs

The log files are located on the application server: <installation folder>\DataGateway\Host\logs and <installation folder>\Worker\Core\logs.

Possible causes

License certificate


The preview of the LIS Online Update data provider configuration displays the following message:

LIS Online Update failed with following exception(s): Your LIS license certificate has not been activated. 
Please contact Matrix42 support to activate a subscription.


The data provider for LIS Online uses one of the eligible license certificates deployed in your system to authenticate with the public LIS Online Cloud Service. In the back-end of this service, the ID of that certificate is used to identify your LIS customer account, defining the applicable service level.

Following prerequisites are necessary to successfully exchange LIS data:

  1. All eligible certificates need to be assigned to your LIS customer account
  2. At least one of the eligible certificates must be "active" 
  3. Your LIS customer account needs to be "active"


Please follow these steps to identify the root cause:

  1. Open application "Administration"
  2. Navigate to "Services & Processes" and open "Engine Activations"
  3. Execute (activate) engine "System Measurement" 
  4. Establish RDP session to application server
  5. Open Windows explorer
  6. Navigate to the installation folder of Enterprise Service Management
  7. Open folder "Metering\Reports"
  8. Find and open the most recently created folder
  9. Open the metering report in PDF or HTML format 
  10. Send this report to Matrix42 Helpdesk, opening a ticket 

More information:

Data gateway user

Data gateway user is not found under Master Data > Users > Accounts.  


It is a requirement that the data gateway user is present in Enterprise Service Management system with allowed logon and is assigned to a person. Both the account and the person must be active. No specific role memberships are required. 

Insecure connection

LIS Update process could not establish a secure connection.


  1. Install the SSL certificate on the data gateway server.
  2. The data gateway server is trying to establish a connection with an old and unsupported TLS protocol. This can be solved by setting the following registry key and rebooting the computer afterwards: 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NetFramework\v4.0.30319] "SchUseStrongCrypto"=dword:00000001 

Firewall block

Connection is blocked by a proxy or a firewall.


Open the LIS service URL ( on a Data Gateway server:

  • If it opens successfully, a firewall or proxy is not the reason of LIS update failure.
  • If it doesn't open, open the URL on a different computer that is not behind a proxy server. This way you can check if the proxy blocks your connection to LIS.
  • If it's not proxy, correct your firewall settings to allow connection with LIS.

Missing Internet access

The machine where the data gateway (LIS Online Update) or the application server (LIS Online Library) is hosted has no access to the internet at all.


  1. Allow access to the internet (see URL above).
  2. Deploy the data gateway on a machine with access to Internet.

Access to LIS Online Library for LIS Premium does not use Data Gateway and therefor requires, that the application server can connect to the internet.

Connection timeout

This can normally be seen in the data gateway log, but should also be indicated in the data provider configuration’s preview.


If the connection times out in less than 30 minutes, you need to check the proxy server settings.

Wrong Service URL

Outdated product versions try to connect to LIS update service URL, which is deprecated and should not be used. This URL also might be used by current product version, if set by a custom configuration.


It is strongly recommended to use a product version that is officially supported or remove the custom configuration.

Check possible custom configuration: if returned value is not null, then non-standard LIS service URL is used.

use    M42Production
select LisServerHost 
from   SPSLisUpdateConnectorConfigurationClassBase

Reset custom configuration:

use    M42Production
update SPSLisUpdateConnectorConfigurationClassBase
set    LisServerHost = null

Further Information

Check information about LIS Online Update Architecture

When you need to create an incident

If you have checked all of the above mentioned possible causes and made sure that none of them is the reason behind the LIS update failure, please contact Matrix42 support.

Please attach the following files to your incident:

  • HostCommon.log (located under <installation folder>Logs),
  • Data Gateway log files (located under <installation folder>DataGateway\Host\logs or in the corresponding folder on the data gateway server),
  • Worker log files (located under <installation folder>\Worker\Core\logs or in the corresponding folder on the worker server).


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