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Rules of LIS update for software products

LIS update for a software product can run in different ways based on the settings of this software product.

Condition Behaviour
A software product is included in the reporting scope.

LIS does not update the software product, but creates a notification task about available templates.

A software product is used and licensed. It means that there are installations, license requirements and/or licenses for a software product.

LIS updates the software product. A task is created as a notification.
Software product is only a template. LIS updates the software product without notification.

Provided that updated data for software products is available LIS, the system behaves as follows:

›     If the software product is not used (i.e. it is still a template), the software product is automatically updated by LIS. No information is provided to the user.

›     If the software product is used, but is not part of the reporting scope, LIS will automatically update the software product and create a task as a notification.

›     If the software product is used and it is part of the reporting scope, the software product will not be updated automatically. In this case, a task is created as a request for manual review. The Apply LIS Template action is available for the software product and must be used to approve all updates manually. This shows the difference between LIS updates for a reported software product and a software product template.

The described mechanisms do not apply to classified fingerprints and catalog items, which in any case lead to automatic handling of the corresponding installations and licenses.

When including a software product to the reporting scope, you have an option of enabling automatic LIS updates for this software product manually.


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