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Resetting LIS data to Standard Service Level


Customers with the Premium Service Level access to the LIS server have the ability to remove the Premium LIS data and reset the system to Standard Service Level. You can see whether Premium LIS data has been downloaded or not in the Update License Intelligence Service wizard and on the Settings preview in the Licenses application. If the data is present, it can be removed by running the Delete Premium LIS action available in the Update License Intelligence Service wizard. This action is available for users belonging to the Administration and License Management roles.

Deleting Premium LIS data

When you run the action, the wizard opens and notifies you that the following data is to be cleared from the system:

  • Fingerprint match entries that don't belong to Standard SLA.
  • Fingerprint classifications made by LIS that don't belong to Standard SLA.
  • License catalog Items that don't belong to Standard SLA.
  • All Premium attributes in LIS software product templates. These are the attributes displayed under the Additional Information section on the General tab of software products, such as eClass Category Code, UNSPSC Category Code, ECCN Code and so no.

Deleting Premium data may take several minutes. All Premium data will be imported again when the LIS Update runs the next time.

Deleting LIS Premium data will not revoke any software or license recognition that was made with this data. Accordingly assignments of fingerprints and licenses to software products will remain.

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