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Showing overlay icons for encrypted files and folders

ID: 18011501
Languages: EN, DE
Components: EgoSecure Server, EgoSecure Agents
Operating system: Windows

Case description

Overlay icons are symbols, which, for example, can be added to file or folder icons in Windows Explorer. EgoSecure Data Protection uses overlay icons to display in Explorer that data is encrypted. Within Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 no more that 11 overlay icons can be used. If more than 11 icons are installed by software applications, the priority of the displaying depends on icon names in the registry file. This can lead to the situation when icons for identifying the encryption type are not displayed.

The following EgoSecure icons inform you about the encryption type of a folder or a file:

Icon Description Registry entry
Enc_Common_48.png Common encryption EgoSecureIconOverlay
Enc_Individual_48.png Individual encryption EgoSecureIconOverlayI
Enc_Group_48.png Group encryption EgoSecureIconOverlayG
Mobile_Common_48.png Mobile common encryption EgoSecureIconOverlayCm
Mobile_Individual_48 (1).png Mobile individual encryption EgoSecureIconOverlayIm
Mobile_Group_48.png Mobile group encryption EgoSecureIconOverlayGm
Mob_48.png Mobile encryption EgoSecureIconOverlayMobile
NA_48.png Encryption with a key, which is not available EgoSecureIconOverlayDisabled


To display the overlay icons for encrypted elements, prioritize the displaying of the overlay icons during installation/update of the EgoSecure Agents .

Changing the priority of the overlay icons via the Console

  1. In the Console, go to Installation » EgoSecure Agents » Create MSI package.
  2. In the Settings of MSI package area, set Highest for the EgoSecure overlay icons priority option.

    highest overlay.png
  3. Click Generate.
  4. Go to the section EgoSecure agents » Install/Update.
  5. Select the Clients, where it is necessary to update the EgoSecure Agent and click Install/Update.
    ⇒ The changes take effect after a client restart.

Troubleshooting overlay icons not shown in OneDrive

Problem: In Windows 10 there was added a OneDrive option that prevents the downloading of cloud content directly to the computer. This option influences that EgoSecure overlay icons are not shown in the OneDrive folder of Windows Explorer.
Solution: Disable the Save space and download files as you use them option in OneDrive settings. For details about the option, see Microsoft Docs:Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10