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Scope of Secure Audit logging

ID: 18041201
Languages: EN, DE
Components: EgoSecure Console, Secure Audit
Operating system: Windows
The table below gives an overview of the information that is logged using the Secure Audit module.
The access to the audit logs can be protected with two passwords in the Administration section of the EgoSecure Management Console .





File access


External storage, network shares, thin client storage, cloud storage

Device, Device ID, User, Date, Access type (read/write/delete), process name, file name, modification date, encryption status, size (% read)



HTTP and HTTPS connection

Date, user, host, URL, IP address, remote port, incoming/ outgoing data transfer, process name



Applications used and executed locally

Date, device name, device ID, user, file name, original file name, path, size, process name, result of operation, manufacturer, product name, has value, package (def. application package), duration of usage, executing computer, window name of executed application 


Devices connection

System events

Al local device connections

Local system events

Device, device ID, date, operation (connected / disconnected)

Computer, time, type, result

Shadow copy

Shadow copies read
and/or written files

Selected location on server/client

External storage, network shares, thin client storage, cloud storage