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EgoSecure FDE in connection with the update 1709 for Windows 10

ID: 17122000
Languages: EN, DE
Components: EgoSecure FDE
Affected versions: 12.2.x and higher
Fix versions: 12.3.x
Operating system: Windows 10 from build 1709


EgoSecure FDE 12.2.x in combination with Windows 10, build 1709 may cause the system to recover from hibernation incorrectly. This can lead to data loss in certain circumstances.


Among other changes, the energy options have been reworked with the latest Windows Fall Creators update for Windows 10. These changes affect the functionality of EgoSecure FDE version 12.2.x and higher.


Please note that depending on the configuration, updates for Windows 10 can be performed automatically.
Review how the Windows Update deployment is configured in your environment and disable updates temporarily.
See also:
Servicing channels and servicing tools to manage and deploy Windows 10 updates
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To avoid possible data loss after installing the 1709 update, we strongly recommend to upgrade to EgoSecure FDE 12.3.907 as soon as possible.
Go to Downloads (login is required)

Further information

Microsoft overview of new features for the build 1709
Previous update history for Windows versions and their builds
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