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Creating ledger accounts and assigning them to cost categories


Ledger accounts are used in financial accounting for entering operational expenses and revenues for commercial and tax purposes. For the purposes of a target/performance comparison between your cost planning and actual costs from accounting, you can import current bookings into your contract management system. In these bookings, the accrued costs are assigned to specific ledger accounts.

Link each ledger account to a cost category of your own definition so that the system can make a comparison on this basis between planning (target) and financial accounting (performance).

Creating ledger accounts

You can add ledger accounts manually and import them in bulk in the Contracts application under Financial Accounting > Ledger Accounts.

If you wish to import ledger accounts, you need to download and fill in the template file.

Field name Explanation Maximum character length

Alphanumeric string for logical identification of a ledger account.

This information is a key field, which means that it is used by the import process to determine whether to create a record or whether to update the existing matching record.

Name Alphanumeric string. 200
Cost Category Key of the respective cost category. The link to the cost category is created automatically during the import. If no or more than one matching cost categories are found, the value that is specified here is not saved.  
Description Alphanumeric string. 1000

You can connect an existing ledger account to a cost category by using the Assign Cost Category action.

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