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Report - Cost Controlling


This report displays actual and planned costs for all contract items in the system. By default, it shows costs for the current year.

It can be filtered by:

  • Period
  • Cost Center
  • Cost Category
  • Contract/Contract Item (use wildcards "%" to find multiple matches)

The picture below displays an example of such a report filtered by cost center and contract item.


Plan entries correspond to the projections derived from cost plans for contract items. Actual entries correspond to bookings.

If you want a booking in the report to be linked to a cost category, associate this booking with a ledger account where a cost category is selected. 


Cost centers, cost categories, and contract items in the report are clickable:

  • Click a contract item to see actual and planned costs for this contract item grouped by month (the Contract Item Analysis report).
  • Click a cost center/cost category to see actual and planned costs for the selected cost center/cost category grouped by month (the Cost Center/Cost Category Forecast report).

Periods (months) in these two types of reports are clickable and open a sub-report of actual and planned costs for a particular month.

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