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Specifics of contract items of maintenance and professional service


Contract items of maintenance and professional service are meant to store specific information pertaining to these types of commercial arrangements.

After filling out the basic data about a contract item, you can proceed to specifying details.

Managing terms of maintenance

The maintenance contract item contains the Support tab. It accommodates data for different types of maintenance that can be provided within a contract item. Use one or several of the following sections to enter the data:

  • On-Site. If this contract item includes on-site visits, enter the terms of support in this tab.
  • Phone. Specify details of support communications by phone calls.
  • Remote. Use this tab to enter textual information regarding remote connections.
  • Repair. If repair services can be provisioned within this contract item, indicate the terms of repair.
  • Software Updates. This tab contains data on possible means of software updates.

 Managing terms of professional services

The professional service contract item contains the Services tab. It provides the possibility to specify the following data:

  • Skills required/delivered within a contract item
  • Payment terms for various expenses

For information on period, expiration, and cancellation, refer to Managing Expiration and Renewal and Managing Terms of Cancellation.

To track procurement profit, refer to Calculating Procurement Profit.

To associate an item to devices as well as internal and external contacts, see Keeping Lists of Contacts and Assets.