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Report - Cost Center/Cost Category Forecast

This type of report shows all planned and actual costs for contract items.

It can be filtered by:

  • Year
  • Status of contract items
  • Contract
  • Cost center/cost category

This report analyzes costs only for those contract items that meet the following condition: a contract item needs to have bookings that are linked to a ledger account which is linked to a cost category. Otherwise, the costs of a contract item will not be shown in this report.

At the top of the report you can see a table that summarizes costs for all cost centers and cost categories and groups them by month. The Plan column summarizes cost projections for a certain month, while the Actual column summarizes bookings for the same month. The Forecast column shows the resulting data: either planned cost for the forthcoming months or actual cost for the past months.

The forecast values are also shown as the bar chart.


The hyperlink in the period column can be used to open the filtered report for a certain month. The filtered report lists all projections and bookings for the month.

At the bottom of the report you can see the breakdown of data by cost center (for Cost Center Forecast) or cost category (for Cost Category Forecast). In this table the actual costs for the current month are not included.


The hyperlink in the Cost Category (or Cost Center) column opens a subreport for the cost category/cost center.


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