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Report - Procurement Profit

The Procurement Profit report comes in two versions: Procurement Profit by Location and Procurement Profit by Material Group. It shows savings achieved as a result of negotiations for the deal.

Once an order has been executed, it is possible to store information about the financial success under Procurement Profit on the Procurement tab of a contract and contract item. This data is shown in the Procurement Profit report as a percentage to the actual costs of the corresponding contract/contract item.

By default, the report shows data for the current year.

It can be filtered by:

  • Period
  • Organizational Unit
  • Material Group/Location
  • Business Partner
  • Contract Status

In the Organizational Unit, Material Group/Location, and Business Partner fields you can use wildcards "%" to see only filtered values in the Pick List drop-down field.

The picture below displays an example of Procurement Profit by Material Group.


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