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Depreciation of asset's costs


A cost plan for an asset is a calculation rule that determines the depreciation of the asset's costs. Based on a cost plan, the system creates cost projections distributed over the specified period of time.

Creating a cost plan

You can create a cost plan on the Depreciation tab of an asset dialog in the Assets application:

1. In the Cost Plans grid, click Add to open a dialog for a new cost plan.

2. Fill in the following fields:

  • Title
  • Start Date and End Date. They will set a period of time over which the costs are depreciated.
  • Costs to Be Depreciated. The total amount of asset's costs.

3. Check values of the read-only fields as they are the foundation for cost projections.

4. Click Save to add a cost plan with projections.

The Cost Projections grid displays a list of all increments from all added cost plans.