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CRUD Security Management in UUX


You can manage Application security from Administration > Security in Matrix42. By default, all users have rights assigned to the Everyone User Role. Every user can be a member of more than one role, in which case the permissions of the individual roles are accumulated. You can grant users rights to read, write, create, or delete Configuration Items or deprive users of these rights on a per User Role basis. The procedure is simple: create a User Role (or use existing), assign users to this User Role (from the MEMBERS tab of the New / Edit User Role dialog) and grant rights to the User Role or deprive the User Role of the default rights (by completing the Set Permissions for User Role Wizard, as per instructions that follow). 

Granting Rights to a User Role

To grant a User Role rights (to read, write, create, delete, or full access to) a Configuration Item:

  • Go to Administration > Security > User Roles, locate and click the User Role. If the User Role you need is missing, create a new one by clicking the FAB button in the bottom right-hand corner of the User Roles grid and filling out the dialog that appears. Add User(s) to this new User Role.
  • In the User Role Preview (on the right of the screen), click the SET PERMISSIONS button in the main toolbar at the top.
  • In the Set Permissions for User Role Wizard that appears, select permissions for the role on a per Configuration Item basis and click the SET PERMISSIONS button at the bottom of the wizard to save the changes and complete the wizard.

    Use search at the top to easily locate the Configuration Items you need.

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