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Security Management in Matrix42 applications: user roles, permissions, audience, Secure Token Service configuration.


Matrix42 Workspace Management comes with predefined roles. Each role has specific rights that define in detail what can and cannot be done in Matrix42 Workspace Management by a user to whom this role is assigned. Every Matrix42 Workspace Management user can be a member of one or more roles, so you can make sure that the users can change or see only the data pertaining to their areas of responsibility.

Every employee that is registered in Matrix42 Workspace Management is automatically a member of the Everyone role. Permissions that are granted to this role apply automatically to all users of Matrix42 Workspace Management.

Members of the Administration role have all permissions in Matrix42 Workspace Management. Other roles can be defined for individual modules of Matrix42 Workspace Management. Every employee can be a member of more than one role, in which case the permissions of the individual roles are accumulated.

The access to each area of an application data is managed separately and independently for each user role and within a number of available in the system Configuration Items. Data access and the entire application content for a specific user is defined by a number of a multi-layered permission setting, where access to the Configuration Item's data is the last verified step. 

Permissions and audience are defined by the following criteria starting from the most important ones placed on top of the list:

  1. Application access;
  2. Navigation Item's audience;
  3. Layout audience settings (for a layout opened by the Navigation Item);
  4. Action settings (of an opened by the Navigation Item layout);
  5. Layout settings (layout opened for the specified action);
  6. Data access settings specified as User Role's Permissions for specific Configuration Items. 

Read this section to learn about how to manage CRUD security and Set Audience in Solution Builder:

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