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LIS Premium credit system


The "Premium" variant of the License Intelligence Service (LIS) provides extended services for a flat rate. This makes it easier for customers to calculate costs and simplifies subscription management. However, in order to ensure a fair distribution of the available resources, the services are contingent in terms of quantity per customer. 

This quota is defined per service type and service composition of the subscription and amounts to the following annual values (i.e., per 12-month subscription period):

Data Clearing Number of fingerprints and catalog items whose classification is not yet included in the dataset and will be added on request of a customer. 18,000 24,000 36,000
EULA Check Number of calls to obtain and describe the basic license terms (EULA) of a software product. - 4 8
Use Case Assessment Number of calls to evaluate a specific use case with regard to the licensing of a software product. - 2 4
Tool Coaching Number of calls for active assistance in using the tool to map specific use cases. - - 6

Premium customers have free access to all information already contained in the LIS data inventory with their active subscription. However, if data is actively added for a customer, the credit quota will be charged. 

The credit quotas have been set according to empirical experience of the past and in the vast majority of cases will be sufficient to cover the necessities of current operations. 

However, the quota may not be sufficient if the volume of records to be cleared (usually fingerprints) exceeds the expected average. 

Where can I see my current credit balance?

Your current situation with credits is reported on a monthly basis inside the LIS Premium Status Report, page "Consumption". Explanations can be found here.


What are the options when the credit has been used up?

If the credit has been used up, customers have two options:

  1. Replenish credit in order to evaluate the work required for further active data clarification.
  2. Wait until the subscription is renewed (with accrual of the current contract period) and refrain from active data clarification during this time.

Replenish credit

To replenish credit, appropriate offers are available on the Matrix42 Marketplace. Here, customers with an LIS Premium subscription can purchase additional services for EULA checks or tool coaching, for example. These offers apply even if the corresponding service is not included in the base price of the subscription.

Wait for subscription renewal

With renewal of the subscription, the credit is recharged. From this point on, it can then be fully utilized again.

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