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What is a stock keeping unit


An asset inventory contains many assets belonging to different types and hardware models. Stock keeping units help you gain more transparency in terms of asset types and hardware models. Each SKU represents a specific type and a specific model. All assets should be assigned to a corresponding stock keeping unit.


Type Manufacturer Model No. of Assets
Notebook Dell Latitude E6420 165
Notebook Dell Latitude E6500 110
Desktop Dell OptiPlex GX270 366
Desktop Dell OptiPlex GX620 415
Server VMware VMware Virtual Platform Server 109
Server Citrix XenServer 100

SKUs simplify your asset inventory and facilitate effective stock management.

Stock management

A stock keeping unit dialog contains the Standard Depreciation Period field that enables the system to calculate the end-of-life date for assets. This helps you manage your stock. The depreciation period is a numeric integer value that is combined with a certain time period that needs to be selected in the Range field (e.g. 36 Months). 

The system calculates the end-of-life date of related assets based on purchase date or assigned effective date of contract items. 

You can use the Stock Forecast report for an SKU to view end-of-life dates and planned purchases for corresponding assets (see Contract Management).

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