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Report - Asset Inventory


This report displays a list of all assets registered in the system, apart from complex systems.

It can be filtered by the pre-defined values of the following attributes:

  • Device Type (it is the value from Type in the SKU dialog)
  • Configuration Item (type of asset)
  • Asset State (status of asset)

 You can also filter the report by entering individual values of the following attributes:

  • Inventory Number
  • Model
  • Assigned User (principal user of an asset)
  • Cost Center
  • Manufacturer
  • Organizational Unit
  • Location

Assets per Status and Location

At the top of the report, there is an overview table with all assets that are assigned to each location and have one of the three active statuses (Active, available, Unknown). The bar chart displays only assets in the Active status grouped by their location.


Assets by location

In the detail area, the report lists all assets for each location.


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