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What is an environment


The environment configuration item allows you to group computers and users according to specific operational purposes. Examples could be industrial devices used in manufacturing, computers used by a software development department, training equipment or software testing laboratory.

Defining environments helps you group your assets for more transparency and can be used to avoid automatic creation of license requirements.

Configuring environments

Environments may contain the following items:

  • assets
  • users
  • software products

Assets and users

Please note that an asset or a user (person) can be assigned to one environment only. 

You can add assets of any kind to an environment: computers, mobile devices, SIM cards, network devices, etc.

Software products

Software products can be assigned to multiple environments at the same time. 

If you add software products to an environment, no license requirements will be automatically created for assets and users that are also assigned to it.

Adding software products to an environment prevents automatic creation of license requirements!

Adding software products to an environment might be useful if you do not have to own a license for a software that is used for a specific purpose (e.g. training or education). In this case, create an environment containing relevant assets or users and assign the software product to that environment. 

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