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What is a complex system


The complex system configuration item allows you to group assets and services according to specific operational purposes. Examples could be "ERP System for Development", "ERP System for Text", "ERP System in Production", etc.

Defining complex systems helps you group your assets and services for more transparency.

Complex systems are also used by the Oracle Database Inventory Data Provider as containers for Oracle database instances according to the hardware scope that is relevant for licensing (single machine, cluster, vCenter, etc.).

Managing complex systems

Complex systems can contain the following items:

  • assets
  • Oracle database instances
  • license requirements
  • license restrictions
  • license reservations
  • services

In addition, you can manage appointments, tasks, and attachments as well as maintain a journal.


Please note that an asset may be assigned to multiple complex systems. 

You can add assets of any kind to a complex system: computers, mobile devices, SIM cards, network devices, etc.

You can also manage the complex system-asset relation in dialogs of assets.

Oracle Database Instances

You may add Oracle database instances to a complex system. However, usually the list of Oracle database instances is managed automatically by the Oracle Database Inventory Data Provider. If you are using this Data Provider, you should avoid adding and removing items manually. 

License Requirements

There is no option to add license requirements to a complex system manually. Instead, they are displayed in a complex system dialog according to the "consumer" setting of license requirements. If there are license requirements where the consumer is a complex system, the corresponding record is displayed.

License Restricted to Device

Whenever there is a purchased license that is limited for entitlement to a specific complex system, you can add a relation here.

You can also manage restrictions in a license dialog.

Usage Rights Reserved for Device

Whenever there is a purchased license that should be preferably used for entitlement with a specific complex system, you can add a relation here.

You can also manage reservations in a license dialog.


Catalog services can be assigned to a complex system for better transparency with your asset inventory.