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Target filtering for individual services


Some services as well as sets, groups, and bundles require a technical target, i.e. a consumer of this service.

You can set a filter for each individual service, set, group, and bundle. It will determine what kind of targets are allowed for this service. As a result, when a user orders a service on Self Service Portal, they will be able to select only filtered targets. The same applies to using the Assign Service and Repair Service actions.

Keep in mind that you can also specify global filters for targets under Settings > Technical Target Filtering Options in the Service Catalog application.

Setting a service-based filter

To specify a filter, open the required service (set, group or bundle) for editing and do the following:

  1. On the Provisioning tab, make sure that a correct target is selected in the Target Type field.
  2. Based on the selected target type ("AD Account", "Computer" or "AD Account or Computer"), the Technical Target Filters tab will display a corresponding set of filters. If the target type value is AD Account or Computer, it shows all available filters.
  • Use the Filter Combining Mode drop-down to choose how the individual service-based filter should be combined with the global filter for targets.
  • In the Technical Target Filtering Expression for Computers field, you can set an ASQL expression to filter computers that will be used as a target for this service. For example, if the user wants to allow selecting only Computers managed by Empirum the expression will be like this:T(SpsAssetClassBase).ManagementType = 3
  • The Technical Target Filtering Expression for All Computers field can be used to set a filter for the case when a user uses Reset Filter in the Assign Service wizard or if the Allow Selection Of All Technical Targets By User setting is active under the Settings navigation item in the Service Catalog application.
  • The Technical Target Filtering Expression for Accounts field allows specifying an ASQL expression to filter accounts that will be used as a target for this service.
    For example, to allow selecting only order recipient's account, next expression can be used:T(SPSAccountClassBase).Owner = '{recipient}'
    {recipient} is a placeholder which represents an ID of the user who is selected as an order recipient (SpsUserClassBase.ID).
  1. After you have provided the filter expressions, save the changes.

Filters are validated by target type and correct use of ASQL.

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