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Release Notes SDDM v4.8.0


SDDM v4.8.0 is a feature, bug fix, and performance release. This version adds user-created Graphs & Blueprint Graphs to the events & monitoring tier of the application and a pair of Graphical Analysis tools for historical Attribute value analysis. In addition to Graphs, the Microsoft Azure Discovery Job has been enhanced to discover hosted applications in addition to the traditional virtual machines. Along with these new features, several quality of life enhancements and bug fixes have been added.

Also in this release is the removal of the FireScope to Matrix42 ESM CMDB Federation screens. This integration is now replaced with a new ESM-side integration: SDDM Data Provider - CI, Service, Dependency Federation. Please migrate to the new integration to continue federating CIs, but now with Services & Dependencies included!

New Features & Updates

SDDM - 4.8.0

New Features

  • User-created Graphs for Attribute Analysis
    • Create Graphs and Blueprint Graphs to apply visualize the historical value of numeric Attributes over time, relative to others of the same, or another, Configuration Item. Then export the graph as an image or CSV file for sharing and further analysis.
    • Explore > Graph > Details: Use the Graph Details feature to display any available existing Graphs at a specific date, time, or range, and see all plotted Attribute values at the time, and when those values were collected.
    • Explore > Graph > Analysis: Use an existing Graph or Attribute as a starting point, or start fresh, to add up to 5 Attributes to plot together on the same chart, and in the same timeframe. See where Maintenance Windows happened relative to the Attribute collection and set Markers at specific values for comparison.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Azure Discovery Jobs
    • In addition to virtual machines, Microsoft Azure Discovery Jobs will find hosted applications: SQL Server instances, Service Bus instances, Static Web Applications, Dynamic Web Applications. Each one will be created as a CI with its public IP or URL, and will receive a set of Custom Inventory Fields enumerating all available data about the device, and some type-specific things based on the discovered instance:
      • Dynamic Web Applications will receive 2 CSV lists: Outbound IP Addresses, Enabled Host Names.
      • SQL Server instances will receive a CSV list of hosted Databases.
      • Service Bus instances will receive a CSV list of available Queues.
    • All discovered items will receive:
      • A CSV list of Azure-defined Tags.
      • A Custom Inventory Field, Service Group assignment, and FireScope Tag for their "Subscription" name.
      • A Custom Inventory Field, Logical Group assignment, and FireScope Tag for their "Resource Group" name.
      • A Logical Group assignment, FireScope Tag, and Inventory Asset Type to match the kind of discovered instance.

You must update the Edge Device to receive the new Microsoft Azure Discovery Enhancements

  • Integration Manager > CMDB Federation > Matrix42
    • A new Extension is available for federating Configuration Items, Service Groups, and Dependencies into ESM from FireScope. The SDDM UI implementation of the federation has been removed.
    • This integration is now replaced with a new ESM-side integration: SDDM Data Provider - CI, Service, Dependency Federation. Please migrate to the new integration to continue federating your CIs into ESM.

This is also mentioned in the new Feature Sunsets page, with additional planned removals.

Additional Updates

  • CMDB Outbound Federation Log & Preview lists are now server-side, making them load faster, but with a trade-off that some of the filtering/sorting capabilities unsupported by the database queries have been removed.
  • CMDB Outbound Federation Log can now be exported as a CSV File.
  • Discovery Lists have been converted to server-side and separated into individual Page Tabs for each of the Job Types to help with large sets of Jobs.
  • Discovery Results for Network Discovery Jobs can now be exported as a CSV for the base information about the device.

Issues Fixed

SDDM - v4.8.0
  • An issue with SAML Authentication is now resolved and will not redirect back to the login screen.
  • The Agent Overview’s context menus now have a full range of functioning change actions.
  • CMDB Outbound Federation lists will now persist their filters and apply pagination and sorting without error, and the auto grouping has been removed.
  • Clicking the Remove button for Discovery Job SNMP Blueprint Assignments will now remove the row.
  • User Profile’s auto-logout timeout is now obeyed by the application and will return a user to the login screen if no new pages have been loaded during that interval.
  • Added the missing words to some context menu items.
  • Fixed an issue where cloning Blueprints would throw an error, but technically succeed.
  • The Attribute & Blueprint Attribute Edit Forms’ Base Units dropdown will now become available for the correct Value Type selections (Integer, Float, Any).
  • Removed the Delete button from the edit form when creating a New Blueprint Group.
  • Updated the deletion message when removing Blueprint Attributes to mention the removal of Instance Attributes created from those Blueprint Attributes.
Edge Device - v3.11.0

You must update the Edge Device to receive the latest Azure Discovery enhancements.

  • Iterative, structural work to prepare for upcoming releases and changes.
App Server - v3.12.0
  • Azure Connection Credentials will now be passed to the Edge Device when they are changed.
  • Deleting the last Blueprint Attribute in a Blueprint Graph will now also delete the Blueprint Graph.
  • Deleting the last Attribute in a Graph will now also delete the Graph.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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