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Release Notes SDDM v4.8.1


FireScope SDDM v4.8.1 is a bug fix and performance release with some quality of life improvements. 

Changes & Updates

SDDM - v4.8.1
  • Application Settings
    • Added the App Server Rest API Domain to a new "REST API Connection" panel.
  • CMDB Federated Objects
    • Added the Remote ID to the Outbound CMDB Federation Logs table (as a hidden column) and to the CSV export data.
App Server - v3.12.2 + Edge Device - v3.11.1
  • Virtual Discovery Jobs will now collect from VMware the following data:
    • Model information will be written to the CI Inventory field for "Model"
    • Vendor information will be written to the CI Inventory field for "Manufacturer"
    • The UUID for Virtual Host, Virtual Guest, Virtual Center, and Virtual Data Storage will be written to the CI Inventory field for "Serial Number".
  • Amazon AWS Discovery Jobs will now collect from AWS the following data:
    • The UUID of the AWS Instance will be written to the CI Inventory field for "Serial Number".
App Server - v3.12.2

Issues Fixed

SDDM - v4.8.1
  • PRB36960 • Baseline Maps with Clusters who share the same members will no longer disappear from the map when their members have all moved other expanded nodes.
  • PRB36965 • AWS Discovery Jobs will remember the selected credentials when being edited after initial creation.
  • PRB36969 • Fixed an issue where new Federation Matching Rules will not auto-complete the field name suggestions, and an issue where the Save button would not enable after changes to existing Matching Rules.
  • PRB36993 • Explore > Business Service > Dependency List will now correctly filter on Status.
  • Explore > Business Service > Dependency List's change actions will now be revealed when the checkboxes are marked.
  • Explore > Event > Timeline will no longer show an incorrect "No Data" message on the initial page load.
  • The View Dependency List context menu item on a Baseline Map's "representative" lines will now list the dependencies correctly.
  • When saving a Discovery Job, the user will now be redirected back to the page ta for the job type just saved.
  • Cloning a Blueprint with Graphs containing Attribute Annotation Markers will now correctly clone the Markers.
  • Reduced the excessive padding on Virtual Infrastructure Gauge Charts.
  • Limited the CIs offered in the Drawer for Configuration Item Migration to only migrate CIs matching the source Edge Device.
  • Notification Channels for a user can now be properly modified when actin as the system's admin user.
Edge Device - v3.11.1
  • PRB37084 • Fixed an issue where the OVA would skip configuring the network card
  • PRB37085 • Fixed an issue where changing the Edge Device IP would not update nginx configuration
  • Removed weak CBC ciphers from sshd_config.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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