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Release Notes SDDM/SPM v4.8.4


FireScope SDDM/SPM v4.8.4 contains security and bug fixes.

Changes & Updates

Web Server v4.8.4

PRB37551: SNMP Attribute rest collection time when edited

  • The value for attribute collection interval does not automatically reset anymore to 30 seconds if it is not edited.
Edge device v3.11.6

PRB37440: SSH attributes not collecting

  • Fixed the behaviour where most SSH attributes would not get collected if the SSH credentials were incorrect for only one machine.

PRB37511: file is being incorrectly updated across edges devices when registering new edges

  • When adding a new edge device to a new APP server, the older edge devices remain registered with their APP server.

PRB37334: SNMP Scan is not returning expected data

  • Fixed a behaviour where SDDM would not properly handle exceptions caused by corrupt SNMP data.

OS update packages

  • Several CentOS packages are updated and available in the rpm repository.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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