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Migration from Empirum Connector (legacy)


The Empirum Inventory Data Provider and the Empirum Service Provisioning extensions replace the previously provided Empirum Connector which is delivered with the installation of Enterprise Service Management.

Empirum Connector is out of support with availability of Empirum Inventory Data Provider

The Empirum Connector will be removed in a future version from the Enterprise Service Management. This will be announced in the release announcement.


  • Customers which want to import computers for software asset management need to install the Empirum Inventory Data Provider.
  • Customers which want to use service provisioning (Self Service for Empirum software packages in Service Catalog) need to install also the Empirum Service Provisioning extension. 


To ease the migration from the legacy Empirum Connector each extension provides a migration wizard. The whole process is segmented in four phases:


  1. Install the Extensions. If only Inventory for software asset management is required the provisioning extension is not needed.
  2. Use the migration wizard to import the Empirum locations and inventory import settings configured in the legacy connector.
  3. Use the migration wizard to import the Empirum provisioning settings configured in the legacy connector. The wizard will also migrate all existing services which belong to the imported locations.
  4. Map the configured Empirum location configured in the data providers to the corresponding Enterprise Service Bus node. 


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