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How the import from Empirum works


Matrix42 Empirum is part of the Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management solution and provides comprehensive device management functionalities. Part of the functionalities is an extensive inventory of Windows, macOS and Linux based computers.

The Empirum Inventory add-on will replace the legacy Empirum Connector computer import. It can be used standalone or in combination with the Enterprise Service Bus connection to Empirum servers.

The import logic uses the workflows and business logic of the Matrix42 Generic Inventory add-on which is a prerequisite.

The Empirum Inventory add-on does not import software packages as services, nor does it include service provisioning features. Those features are provided by the Empirum Service Provisioning Extension.

Activating the Empirum Inventory data provider 

The data provider can be activated either manually by running the Activate action or automatically by the Empirum Inventory Activation engine activation. The engine activation is set to run daily at 3 am by default. This can be adjusted in the schedule of the engine activation.

After the data provider is activated, it launches a server workflow that collects settings specified in the data provider configuration. The Empirum server workflow then starts the Empirum Connector Data Collector workflow that connects to the Matrix42 Empirum service and collects the inventory.

Collecting the Empirum inventory 

The Empirum Connector Data Collector workflow retrieves objects from Empirum and saves them as a package of XML files. The XML files contain data on the following objects:

  • Computer devices
    • Hardware
    • Operating system information
    • Logon users
  • Installed applications (fingerprints)
  • Application Usage Tracking information

The complete list of imported attributes can be reviewed here.

The import uses the newer separated operating system information which Empirum Inventory collects when using Empirum 21.0.3. On older Empirum versions the combined Operating System string is used and might lead to incorrect mapping especially on Linux systems.

Forwarding inventory data

The Matrix42 worker passes XML files to the server workflow.

Importing inventory data

The import is performed by the Generic Inventory  Data Provider. Details are described in the online documentation.