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Empirum Inventory data provider Release Notes

Release Notes

Version (10.04.2024)

  • Fixed issue in configuration grid

Version (19.03.2024)

  • Added option to configure the chunk size (number of computers per API call from Empirum) in the database (description)
  • Fixed issue with unsupported date/time format

Version (28.02.2024)

  • Updated dependency to DWP 12.0.3
  • Updates for changes in DWP regarding secured  data queries
  • Updated Data Collector to get inventory data by chunks of 100 devices ( Empirum v.23.0.3 or newer)
  • PRB37677: Empirum DP Collection Logic musst be adjusted to use the new changes from PRB37676
  • PRB37749: Empirum Dataprovider fails due to timeout from Empirum
  • Fixed problem when using MS-SQL 2014 during installation

Version (27.12.2023)

  • Updates for changes in DWP regarding secured  data queries.
  • PRB37715: Error after Update 12.0.1 (Object Link, Object Picker für Empirum Inventory Connector Configuration)

Version (9.11.2023)

  • Randomized schedule of engine activation to prevent load when running multiple environments in one infrastructure.

Version (18.10.2023)

  • Changed timeout and chunk sizes when retrieving API data from Empirum to prevent timeouts.

Version (10.10.2023)

  • Changed handling for application information (SPSInventoryClassApplication) to use "Product Short Name" if "Product name" not provided by Empirum API.
  • PRB37463: Empirum inventory: Name from OS is not coded correctly

Version (9.7.2023)

  • Fixed: PRB37503: Default matching of Empirum Inventory Data Provider should use serial number from SPSAssetClassBase
    • The default matching now uses SPSAssetClassBase.SerialNumber instead of SPSComputerClassBase.SystemSerialNumber. Existing configurations are not updated automatically.
  • The "Delete" action is removed from the data provider.
  • Fixed issue when selecting data provider preview on DWP older than 12.0.1.
  • Added information that Empirum Service Provisioning configuration depends on Inventory Data Provider.

Version (7.7.2023)

  • Fixed: PRB37501: Empirum Inventory Data Provider collects CPU information of Virtual Machines incorrectly.
  • Fixed: PRB37463: Empirum inventory: Name from OS is not coded correctly

Version (14.6.2023)

  • Fixed: PRB37434: Empirum Inventory Data Provider might fail with "Index was outside the bounds of the array."
  • Fixed: PRB37407: Empirum Inventory Data Provider bricht mit Fehlermeldung ab: "Index was outside the bounds of the array."
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when editing settings.


  • Set the default value of "Import Inventory Number" for new installations to "Off".
  • Included the setting "Import Inventory Number" in the legacy connector migration wizard.


  • Fixed issue when saving configuration settings with a non English user language.
  • Added the feature to disable the import of Inventory numbers.


  • Added support for Stock Keeping Units (SKU). Creates or matches to SKUs based on Vendor and Model.


  • Fixed issue when importing software which has no vendor name set.
  • Fixed issue when the Graphic Card has no color depth set.


  • Fixed an issue with the configuration migration from legacy connector.


  • Added the option "Consider computers without inventory during import" to the migration wizard to keep the setting from legacy connector setting.


  • Initial Release
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